NOAHIDE TORAH SEMINARY (Yeshivah L'Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach)
Do you have a calling to become a minister of Hashem's Holy Torah?  Do you believe that God is only One and that His Word is the Torah, both Written and Oral Torah?  Do you believe in the dogmas of the Torah faith recorded by Maimonides as the Thirteen Principles of Faith?  Are you dedicated to observing the Torah, whether it be the Seven Laws of Noah as a righteous gentile or the Torah of Moses following Halachah as a Jew?  Would you like to be an ordained clergy person with the legal authority to perform marriage rites?  Do you promise to adhere to Torah laws in doing so?  We are offering online study toward becoming a Noahide Minister, as well as offering certification and degrees to those who have met our credentials.  Jews and non-Jews, men and women, are all welcome, as long as they believe in the Torah faith (known often as Orthodox Judaism) and try their best to live up to it, and promise not to use the ordination to violate Torah (i.e. will not officiate at intermarriages between Jews and non-Jews, will not officiate at same-gender "marriages" or ceremonies, will only officiate at civil ceremonies for Jews if they were married at a Halachic wedding with a qualified and learned mesader Kiddushin, will not officiate at Jewish rituals they are not qualified for from another authorizing body.).  (We do not currently offer Rabbinical Ordination, but we do offer Cantorial Ordination for Jewish men who are able to lead prayers and read from the Torah publicly).  Those ordained by us may legally use the title "Reverend".  Those receiving Honorary Doctorates from us may legally use the title "Doctor", but may not misrepresent themselves as Medical Doctors.

We will interview you before joining our program.  We are happy to award immediate ordination to those who qualify, but to receive certificates of the credentials, as well as letters of good standing where needed for legal purposes, we will require a donation to our congregation, with different rates for different items.

We will not ordain anyone who subscribes to another faith than Torah Judaism.

Those who are presently Christians, including those who call themselves "Messianic Jews", are NOT eligable for our ordinations or degrees.

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Options available for online programs:

-Ordination - free (must pass qualifications and be interviewed)
-Certificate of Ordination $40 (for those ordained by us)
-Letter of Good Standing $25
-Religious Title of your choice (must be approved) $35
Titles include Cantor, Minister, Deacon, Officiant.  Other titles will be considered upon request.

Please note: no degrees will be given until we register with the Commonwealth of Virginia for a religious exemption from accreditation.  Once this is accomplished, and we will be officially exempted, these are among the degrees that will be available, IY"H.

-Bachelors of Divinity $50
-Masters of Divinity $75
-Doctor of Divinity $95
-Masters of Noahide Study $150 and completion of course
-Doctor of Noahide Study $225 and completion of course
-Masters of Hebrew Letters (for Ordained Orthodox Rabbis) contact us
-Masters of Jewish Sacred Music (for cantors) contact us
-Masters of Religion $250 and completion of course
-Doctorate in Religion $350 and completion of course

all titles and degrees are
honoris causis and are legal in accordance with U.S. Supreme Court Case Civ. No. S-1954

We will do the research for you to find out marriage laws in your state to ensure that your ordination will be recognized so you can legally perform marriages and sign marriage licenses.  You can also perform other religious ceremonies for Noahides and start your own Congregation.  We offer training for those interested.
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